Day 1: Indocilis Privata Loqui

I am a member of both my local magic club, the Watford Association of Magicians, and Christian Magicians UK. But it has always been an ambition of mine to join the most famous magic society in the world: The Magic Circle.

Entry to the circle is by examination amongst peers and I’ve never quite sought the courage to join. So when seeking a yardstick to measure my progress on Guideposts SuperBetter challenge – or an ‘epic win’ as they would call it – what better goal could there be?

If I want to up my magic skills to the required standard, what better goal is there than achieving membership of the UK’s, nay world’s(!), premiere magic society? I had originally intended simply to “up my game” and get something performance ready. But this ups the ambition to a whole new level, whilst also embedding, a previously lacking, level of quality control.

This ‘Epic Win’ makes a proper SuperBetter challenge; a specific mesaurable goal, that although stress inducing, is still – just about – achievable. So five months from now I not only hope to have a working magic set but also, as part of this, an examination set prepared ready for presentation at the ‘Circle.

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