Day 2: Heroic Potential

Part of the SuperBetter challenge I am undertaking with Better Connected is setting a ‘just out of reach’ goal to achieve. (Actually, completely out of reach goals work better if you can do them – but are a little more crazy making.) You also need to bring at least two allies with you to encourage and cheerlead along the journey. I’ve approached two people today, but won’t mention there names unless they agree. It does however mean I’m now committed to the challenge I laid down yesterday – as it is really out there in the public domain.

Whilst I’m waiting for them to respond I’ve started working through the core book on the project SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal. Last night was just the introduction so I’m only just getting started. Pretty soon I’m going to have to fire up the app too, but that might have to wait till I start meeting with the Guideposts Service users on Thursday nights. For now, I’m “supposed” to be on holiday!

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