Day 0: Spooky Mulder

Whenever I start a new project I like to have at least some confirmation I am doing the right thing. Today marks day one of a 5 month magic challenge with Guideposts Trust for whom I host Better Connected.

It was therefore a strange ‘coincidence’ that the church I visited today, whilst on leave from my “other” job as Pioneer for the Parish of Great Chesham, asked us both to consider and commit to a personal project. Mirroring the parable we had to decide whether we were currently ‘sowing, harvesting or reaping’, work out why we were doing it – it’s purpose – and then give it to God buy completing a tag and placing it in a shared basket.

Being me and slightly obstinate(!?) I had decided not to do it. However about a minute later I found myself, contrary to type, filling in a tag and placing it in the bucket. This feels like it might be one of those weird occasions when all my different roles come together and if it all goes right – might even be the beginning of a new one.

No matter how much assurance anyone gives me though is not going to make up for the fact that one day in I’m still staring at a blank sheet of paper. Five months might seem like a long time to perfect a skill, but it will soon go.

… I must not get complacent.

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